Hi Gals! Welcome to our blog and our very first blog post!


We are two sisters, Andrea and Christine, who grew up together and recently found ourselves living in different cities. We are fun-loving, motivated to have full lives, and value the communities we live in and relationships that we have. We hope our posts will bring a little inspiration into your life and some confidence along the way! We absolutely are interested in your thoughts and experiences, and encourage you to comment or help us post along this journey. We’ve each had so many experiences “climbing the corporate ladder”, trying to balance relationships, being active in our communities, all while living a healthy lifestyle 🙃. We know, the balance is never easy! Life hasn’t gone exactly as “planned” for either of us, we’ve certainly messed up a lot, and are just trying to find our way with some laughs and beautiful moments included.

In honor of the launch of our sister blog,


giphy (3)

1. Their stuff always = your stuff

2. You can bounce right back after an argument without drawn out drama. Only siblings/ best friends/ cousins with a close bond will understand this. I can remember one day red-in-the-face, yelling at my sister because we each thought the other one had lost the shoes, and about 2 minutes later we were chatting about whether to watch HGTV or housewives that night (you know the important decisions in life). AS IF NOTHING HAD EVEN HAPPENED.

3. You always have someone to text/ call/ smoke signal or whatever communication method you use to tell about your biggest wins, ask for advice or simply what you are thinking at that very moment. (Ask Christine, whenever I get an idea I immediately call her, and it never sounds as good once I say it out loud (insert shrug emoji) but she always finds a way to make it work

4. If you don’t want to do something, you can usually convince the other to do it for you with minimal payback. I have always been they shy one, and Christine the outgoing one, and growing up whenever we had to sell something for camp/ sport/ or some organization we would always put our products together and Christine was responsible for selling 75% while I only had to sell 25% #teamwork.. Let me tell you selling those 25% was BRUTAL. But yay for sisters picking up your slack!

5. She will always give it to you straight. (Someone has to tell you real talk- that outfit is just not for you, or you’re overreacting)

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